The Heart Safe Club of Rhinebeck


  • Provide community CPR/AED instruction and promote CPR/AED awareness
  • Advocate & lobby for heart health at the local and state levels
  • romote community heart screenings events
  • Provide CPR Anytime toolkits within the community to encourage more people to learn CPR
  • Hold fundraisers to support the club and it’s activities
Sudden Cardiac Arrest in an otherwise healthy young athlete was thought to be quite rare. However, within a fourteen month period in Rhinebeck two young varsity athletes experienced Sudden Cardiac Arrest, one fatally. As we carry out our mission, we celebrate the life of Kaitlin Forbes and the hero’s who saved her life by performing CPR and utilizing an AED. We also honor the memory of Maggie O’Malley, who fell victim to sudden cardiac arrest at only 17 years old. We are dedicated and passionate about this mission…striving for a Heart Safe Community!

Founding Members
Laura Colwell, Kaitlin Forbes, Megan Humphrey, Jeanne Pavlakis, Carolina Pollis, Ally Taverneiere, and Amanda Turpin.
Parent Advisors: Linda Forbes, Pat O’Malley
New Members: Heather Hanaburgh, Arianne Loeber, Laura Mandigo, Natasha Sopchak, Amy Mandigo, Sarah Turpin, Becky Ferry, Brittany Pfeiffer, and Candace Bernitt, Christine Wescott and Anna Katomski.
Anyone wishing to join the Heart Safe Club, should call Linda Forbes or Pat O’Malley.

events & initiatives include:

Coordinated, promoted, and worked a heart screening event and health fair at Rhinebeck High School. Three hundred members of the community received low cost heart screening/EKG’s.

The Heart Safe Club held our first Community CPR/AED training event at
Good Shepherd Parish Hall, Rhinebeck.
Twenty one people were trained in AHA CPR/AED skills.

The Heart Safe Club sponsored a Poster Contest “To educate the public about sudden cardiac arrest, to identify those at risk, to honor the memory of those who have fallen victim to sudden cardiac arrest, and to celebrate those who have survived by the timely use of an Automated External Defibrillator and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.” Winning entries announced 5/31/07, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Day.

Heart Safe Club booth at the Dutchess County Youth Festival. CPR/AED awareness was provided. Many families participated in our hands-on CPR demo.

Heart Safe Club members provided CPR training to 6th graders at Buckley Middle School, Rhinebeck.

Coordinated and presented an assembly at Rhinebeck High School to commemorate Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Day in NYS. The Heart Safe Club, with generous sponsorship, provided one CPR Anytime Kit to each senior graduating in the Class of 2007. In addition, we honored several hero’s who responded quickly, performed CPR, contacted 911, and utilized an AED to save the life of Kaitlin Forbes, a founding member of the Heart Safe Club.5/31/07
In partnership with Northern Dutchess Hospital/Health Quest, The Heart Safe Club offered FREE CPR/AED training. Thirty members of the community registered to receive training in these lifesaving skills.

In partnership with Northern Dutchess Hospital/Health Quest, The Heart Safe Club is offered FREE CPR/AED training. Over thirty people were trained in these lifesaving skills.

EA Coons Florist in Rhinebeck participated in Good Neighbor Day, offering free roses to the community while encouraging the community to donate to the Heart Safe Club. Heart Safe Club members assisted with the distribution of roses, provided heart health awareness, & raffled off t-shirts and a CPR Anytime kit.
Donations raised will fund an AED for Starr Library in Rhinebeck.

9/10/07 & 9/24/07
The Heart Safe Club addressed the Rhinebeck Town Board regarding a proposition to place AED’s within our community and provide CPR/AED training to municipal employees in effort to reduce disability and death from sudden cardiac arrest. The Rhinebeck Town Board subsequently voted and unanimously approved the purchase of eight AED’s for placement throughout the town and for the Heart Safe Club to provide CPR/AED training to Rhinebeck town employees and officials.

The Heart Safe Club of Rhinebeck was recognized at the unveiling of the Dutchess County Heart Safe initiative held at the Culinary Institute of America. Rhinebeck High School was recognized as an example of ‘Heart Safe’. Hero’s Bonnie Murphy, RHS school nurse, and Michael Piccione, RHS teacher, accepted the presentation on behalf of RHS.


The Heart Safe Club provided low cost CPR/AED training to our community at Hillside Fire Department, Fox Hollow Rd, Rhinebeck.

The Heart Safe Club made a presentation to the Rhinebeck Village Board regarding public access AED implementation in Rhinebeck. The Village Board subsequently purchased four AED’s for placement within the village. The Heart Safe Club will provide CPR/AED training for all Village of Rhinebeck municipal employees.

The Heart Safe Club sent letters to all restaurants in the town of
Rhinebeck, making them away of the NYS law that they much have CPR kits in
their restaurants and providing them information on how to purchase a low
cost kit.

The Heart Safe Club provided CPR/AED training to Rhinebeck Town & Village employees at the Rhinebeck Village Hall. Six people completed the training.

The Heart Safe Club made a presentation to the Rhinebeck Chamber of Commerce at Northern Dutchess Hospital. An audience of over fifty people learned about the Heart Safe Club mission.

The Heart Safe Club provided CPR/AED training to Rhinebeck Town & Village employees at the Rhinebeck Town Hall. Twenty-four people completed the training.

The Heart Safe Club provided low cost CPR/AED training at Hillside Fire House, Rhinebeck. The generosity of Hillside Fire Department enabled us to provide the training at a cost of only $10 per person. Thirty-two members of our community completed the training!

The Heart Safe Club volunteered with the Cardiac Arrhythmia Research and Education (C.A.R.E.) Foundation at the Maggie Dixon Classic, Madison Square Garden. The women’s basketball double-header honored Maggie Dixon, who at 28 years old fell victim to sudden cardiac arrest from an undiagnosed congenital heart disorder. Maggie Dixon was the coach of Army’s Black Knights Women’s basketball team. Volunteers assisted with coordination of a heart screening at the event.

The Heart Safe Club trained the staff and volunteers of Starr Library in the lifesaving skills of CPR & AED. The Heart Safe Club recently donated an AED to The Starr Library utilizing donations raised in our community during FTD Good Neighbor Day by E.A. Coon Florist.

The Heart Safe Club provided CPR/AED training to the Village of Rhinebeck Highway Department. The Village Highway Department recently placed an AED on site at the village highway garage. The Town of Rhinebeck Highway Department was also recently trained by the Heart Safe Club and has an AED on site at the highway garage. Both departments are enthusiastic about gaining these lifesaving skills and having AED’s on site.

The Heart Safe Club recently donated an AED to The Beekman Arms as a service to our community. This was made possible through the generous support of The Rhinebeck Rotary Club. The Heart Safe Club is providing CPR/AED training to employees of The Beekman Arms.

The Heart Safe Club held a community CPR/AED training event at St Johns Reformed Church in Upper Red Hook. Several Red Hook and Rhinebeck residents gained the lifesaving skills of CPR/AED.

Thursday evening, 6pm, The Heart Safe Club will be utilizing ‘CPR Anytime Kits’ to teach a local Girl Scout Brownie Troop about CPR. We will also bring an AED to talk briefly about it to give the girls a level of awareness. This Brownie groupis working on a patch for Heart Health and has asked for assistance from the Heart Safe Club.
Info on the 'Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program' can be found at this link:

The Heart Safe Club will provide CPR/AED training at Northern Dutchess Christian School in Red Hook to students, staff, and parents.

The Heart Safe Club provided CPR/AED training to Girl Scouts at St Paul’s
Church. Fourteen people were certified on these live saving skills, and
two new members joined the Heart Safe Club. Welcome Becky Ferry and
Brittney Pfeiffer!

Mass CPR training event at Hudson Valley Youth Fest, Dutchess County
Fairgrounds, utilizing “CPR Anytime Kits”. Thirty six people Participated
in this event and many others stopped at our table to color hearts or
practice CPR.

Training event for Camp Rising Sun counselors. For information on the
Louis August Jonas Foundation see

The Heart Safe Club held a community CPR/AED training event in Rhinebeck where 14 people were trained on the lifesaving skills of CPR/AED.

Members of the Heart Safe Club went to Saratoga NY where Amanada Turpin is on the Skidmore College Volleyball Team. Club members trained the team in CPR and AED's and the event also earned a place on the Skidmore website!

Maggie O'Malley's 20th Birthday! The Heart Safe Club trained the Rhinebeck High School JV and Varsity softball teams on lifesaving skills of CPR and AED's. We all ate cupcakes in Maggie's honor ;-)

February 18, 2009 In recognition of Heart Health moth, the Heart Safe Club held a community CPR class at the Hillside Fire dept in Rhinebeck, providing 14 more people these life saving skills.

02/26/09 and 03/01/09
Thanks to Coach Bill Doyle who invited his APEX volleyball teams to attend training sessions in Rhinebeck and Poughkeepsie. Fourty-six more people are now trained and certified on CPR skills.

Megan Humphrey and Pat O'Malley conducted a CPR training event at SUNY Oneonta, providing life saving skills to eleven college students.

CPR class held at Casperkill Country club for club staff.. 22 people trained and certified in CPR skills.

On Going

  • Facilitating increased access to AED’s in our community.
  • Scheduling, promoting, & providing low-cost and/or Free CPR/AED training.
  • Promote CPR/AED awareness at community events.
  • Promoting CPR Anytime kits an effective tool to gain CPR skills.
  • Tracking the percentage trained in CPR/AED in our community.
    (In the average community, only 5% of people are trained in these lifesaving skills.)

We continue to advocate and lobby on issues related to heart health including
the need for CPR education in the schools and for increased placement of AED’s
in our community, state, and nationally by contacting our politicians and speaking to community groups. We are working to develop strategies to motivate local businesses to place AED’s at their business for greater access to timely defibrillation.

Current Fundraising initiatives:
Maggie O’Malley bracelets $ 3 each
CPR Anytime Kits $30 each
Heart Safe Club t-shirts $12 each

RHINEBECK is on it's way to becoming one of the FIRST Heart Safe
Communities in Dutchess County! Special Thanks to the Heart Safe
Club, Rhinebeck Town Board, and Rhinebeck High School, for all their volunteer efforts to help make this a reality!

If you are not trained in these lifesaving skills of CPR and use of an AED...Contact The Heart Safe Club at:

Anyone wishing to purchase a CPR Anytime Kit, or to make a donation to the Heart Safe Club can write to: The Heart Safe Club, PO Box 721, Rhinebeck NY 12572.