Maggie O'Malley

Maggie was born January 27, 1989, in Mahopac NY. She died suddenly on July 28, 2006 from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, which we learned was caused by chronic myocardistis. While this is hard to understand, this website is dedicated to how Maggie LIVED her seventeen and a half years and what we are doing in her memory.

Maggie cared about EVERYONE, and always, always had a smile to cheer you - she was voted “Everybody’s Friend” by her classmates. Maggie played volleyball, basketball and softball, where she loved being part of a “team”. She was also a member of the National Honor Society, and the Environmental Club at Rhinebeck High School and in many other activities, but these did not define who Maggie was, because she was who she was – Fun, Kind, Organized, Determined, Honest, Caring, and Happy.

We Miss Her Very Much!